Brief Literature Review
The literature review is intended to familiarize you with literature pertaining to the community that you have chosen. Find literature relevant to the community that you are learning about; what you choose to address may depend specifically on the community. Some possible considerations are mental health utilization rates, cultural values, mental health stigma, treatment, or implications for working with this community; these ideas are not exhaustive. Be sure to address aspects that are salient to that specific community. You must highlight a current body of work or theory(ies) relevant to professional practice with this community. Resources must be recent
(within the past 10 years; resources must be from peer-reviewed journal articles).

I have uploaded an example paper from last year, get an idea of how this paper should look like but please note that this (uploaded example paper) is NOT a templet. It’s just there to help you write this new paper.

I have also uploaded a rubric for this order. Please look closely at ( Exceeds Expectation 100% ) this paper should get an A

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