here is the podcast you were going to use for the essay.
1.  Read the Discussion Rubric carefully.
2.  Then, after reading the Chapter on relativism and watching the video on Bride Kidnapping, examine the cultural practice of Bride Kidnapping and formulate a thesis or claim for why the practice is acceptable or unacceptable morally.  Spend some time working on this thesis or claim.  Please note that cultural relativism has problems, the biggest being the inability for equal rights.  Make sure you are not just stating that you think is it fine because it is their culture.  Try to think how you might view this if you were the one in their position.  Many students say they would not like this and we do not practice this here thank goodness.  That is a good start but go further to explain exactly what is wrong with doing this to any human being regardless of culture.  If you think it is fine, make sure to tell us why it is okay to treat some people in this way and not others.  
3. This article on Developing your Thesis (opens in a new window), gives great advice and I would begin using it for this discussion board.   
Plain text link:
4.  After you feel you have a good thesis or claim, provide solid reasons convincing us that we should be persuaded of your position.  Simply telling us that is unethical without explaining what you mean and or not providing any reasons to persuade us, is not making a solid case.  If your thesis is a good one, it will excite responses from your classmates.  If we all agree with you, there is no point in making the claim.  Choose something that at least half of us would disagree with.  The next few sentences in your second paragraph should be reasons or evidence to support your claim. This first part of this, the original post, is due  Friday, January 17, 2020 by 11:59 p.m. You do not have to wait until Friday to post. You are welcome to post as soon as you have read and developed a good argument.  

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