BMK301-Consumer Knowledge To Gain Competitive Advantage


The Tropicana Twister are planning a promotional campaign to encourage the drinking of orange and fruit juices in the late afternoons – an occasion when many people reach for a soft drink.

Suggest how the organization can enhance the following consumer knowledge to gain competitive advantage.

a.Product Knowledge

b.Purchase Knowledge

c.Consumption and Usage Knowledge

d.Persuasion Knowledge

2.Identify five friends or respondents who have recently purchased a new model of cell phone (with some features that they consider to be “new”). Arrange to interview each of the individuals, one-at-a-time. Design appropriate questions before you conduct the interview

3.Students should design their questions get the following information from their interview with their respondents. Then, write- up your interview for each of your respondent.

a.Needs recognition
b.Search for information
c.Pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives
f.Post-consumption evaluation
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