Financial Reporting and Analysis

  One step in assessing the quality of earnings is to look for red flags. An example of a red flag is a significant increase in accounts receivable without commensurate growth in sales (that is, accounts receivable turnover decreases). List and discuss at least five other red flags the astute analyst might look for, explain […]

San Diego Zoo Primate Project

  You are welcome to go to the San Diego Zoo any time you would like to work on your project. However, you would have to pay for a student ticket or buy a membership. However, I will make an announcement soon about a couple of dates where we get in for a discounted price […]

Health and Wellness Jobs and Career Goals

Use one of the job search engines (i.e. Monster, indeed, SimplyHired) to look for positions in the health and wellness arena. Address the following elements: -Explain two jobs that you would consider applying to (one must be an online health coach). Provide details about these positions. Next, select one position you want to hone in […]

The difference between a valid argument and an invalid argument

(1) What is the difference between a valid argument and an invalid argument? When is a valid argument also sound? (2) What is a thought experiment? How can thought experiments be used in moral arguments? (3) What are moral intuitions? How can they be helpful in moral debates? What is a potential downside to relying […]