Management And Org. Theory

Management And Org. Theory Purpose  In this project, you will demonstrate an understanding of management and leadership skills and leadership styles.  You will read a case scenario and apply what you have learned to make a recommendation for a new position with Wonder Products. Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment demonstrate leadership skills by communicating […]

Tough Conversations

Tough Conversations Imagine you are the HR manager at a company. A female employee came to you upset because she felt a male coworker was creating a hostile work environment by repeatedly asking her out on dates even after she said “no”. What would you do? (If you haven’t been exposed to having these types of […]

Week 6 Discussion

Week 6 Discussion Please respond to the following: Using the Internet, research acquisitions that are currently underway and choose one of these acquisitions to discuss. Based on the firms’ characteristics and experiences and the reasons cited to support the acquisition, do you feel it will result in increased strategic competitiveness for the acquiring firm? Why or […]

Job Analysis

First Step 1. Choose a job from the list: · Retail salesperson (e.g., clothing or shoes) · Restaurant server · Landscaper · Cashier (e.g., grocery store, drug store, pet food store) I choose cashier · Day camp leader 2. Research a minimum of three credible sources of information to locate the necessary information for your chosen job (e.g., […]

KFC Group Case Study And PowerPoint Presentation

KFC Group Case Study And PowerPoint Presentation CASE STUDY GUIDELINES Part1 : Abstract and conclusion Summary Discuss solutions and alternative solutions Discuss Christian and ethical repercussions within the context of the case Make recommendations Offer a plan for implementation Determine measurements for effectiveness and efficiency Logical conclusion CASE STUDY GUIDELINES   Abstract (75-100 words): on […]

BU340 Lesson 4 & 5 Exam SCORE 95 PERCENT

BU340 Lesson 4 & 5 Exam SCORE 95 PERCENT You have saved $47,000 for college and wish to use $15,000 per year. If you use the money as an ordinary annuity and earn 6.15% on your investment, how many years will your annuity last? Use a calculator to determine your answer. Question options:    4.27 […]

Executive Summary For Wellness Program

Executive Summary For Wellness Program Competency Create professional documents for presenting research, analysis, and business strategy recommendations. Scenario You work at a small startup company and recently began an informal competition among a few of your co-workers counting your daily steps. The program went well. It was a great team building exercise and others in […]


Outline Assignment Instructions This assignment requires that you explore a key aspect of organizational development within a large business setting, and prepare a substantive outline detailing the program that you intend to design, develop, implement, and maintain for the benefit of the organization identified. For the purposes of this assignment, you must select a Fortune […]


Essay ******US ENGLISH, CORRECT ENGLISH FORMATTING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE ********NO PLAGIARISM, SAFE ASSIGN USED****** Discussion In this unit, we delve into managing conflict in the healthcare organizations, including the concepts of negotiation and third-party intervention. Select one or more of the points below and provide a personal example (does not have to be related to […]

BU340 Lesson 8 Exam SCORE 100 PERCENT

BU340 Lesson 8 Exam SCORE 100 PERCENT Online Exam 8     Question 1 0 / 5 points Which of the statements below is true? Question options:    Investors want to maximize return   and maximize risk.   Investors want to maximize return and minimize risk. (*This is correct)   Investors want to minimize return   and maximize […]