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Question The expenses and income of an individual are given in table form to the right. Find the net monthly cash flow​ (it may be negative or​ positive). Assume that amounts shown for salaries and wages are after taxes and that1 month=4 weeks. Income Expenses ​Part-time job: $1400/month ​Rent: $450/month Student​ loans: $6000/year ​Groceries: $50/week […]

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please read the case carefully and then answer the two questions:  (400 words each question) Questions: 1. Knowing that there are consequences to being a whistleblower, would you come forward with the information? 2. Do you believe that whistleblowers should be marginalised or idolised for their decision to make information public   “Looking for a […]

Effective leaders make people feel that even the most difficult problems can be tackled productively. (Fullan, 2004, p6) In what ways is this true in relation to change management?

Please use this link: to access x2 research papers and all reference books. References must be made in Harvard format. Smith (et. al., 2004), says, ‘please cite like this.’ (p. 1) Consider the following:Different views of change managementWhat changes in a school and why?What makes for successful change in a school?Does managing change require […]

Reflection, “The worst experience as a leader in my life”

Think about a time when you experienced failure as a leader in your organizational life when you were less effective than you should have been while managing yourself and/or other people. Examples might include failure to secure an important client, stalled promotion, frustrating project management or team management experience, inability to manage upwards, difficult colleague […]