Your client, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, ages 48 and 49 respectively, are married and live in a single-family house in Onley, Maryland. Mr. Lloyd works for a local public school system as a high school history teacher and Mrs. Lloyd works for the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. C. They both use their personal vehicles – 2008 Ford F-200 truck for Mr. Lloyd and a 2017 Honda CR-V for Mrs. Lloyd. They also have a third driver in the house – their almost 16-year-old daughter who recently obtained her learner’s permit. None of the drivers have any moving violations or accidents within the past five years.
Your clients don’t understand insurance, let alone auto insurance. They bought the cheapest they could find, but are coming to you to get a better understanding of auto insurance and their risks. Prepare a 4 – 7-page paper that describes the types of coverages in an auto insurance policy, and recommend what coverages and limits are appropriate for the Lloyd’s.

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