Australian legal and ethical resource toward treating behaviors in Dementia

-please find the attached files which are: an article as a first highly recommended source and reference that has to be used in this Essay, marking rubric that has to be followed in each part of the Essay, another file contains very important instructions and some websites and videos, and the last document is dementia presentation slides that can help you to direct your ideas in order to build this assignment legally and ethically that you need to search for Australian legal and ethical resource toward treating behaviors in Dementia. Additionally, what are my opinions as a nursing student in each one you are going to write about and what are the rationales that I have based on? (actually, that is what the university looking for, so you have to create good opinions for me).
-Other sources have to be peer reviewed articles and journals.
-Academic writing.
-2000 words.
-15 references including the attached article (highly recommended as a first source).
-Harvard references (I attached the Harvard stile that I need to be followed).

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