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1. What are the benefits of having police investigators who specialize in a certain area? What are 

the drawbacks? Do you support specialization or 


2. Of all the suggested characteristics required for an 

effective investigator, which three are the most critical? Are these qualifications more stringent than 

those required for a patrol officer?

3. What is the role of the victim in investigating 


4. What misconceptions regarding investigation are 

conveyed by television shows and movies?

5. What do you believe is the most important goal of a 

criminal investigation?

6. What major factors must responding officers 

consider while proceeding to a crime scene?

7. How important is response time to the investigation 

of a crime? How is the importance affected by the 

type of crime?

8. What determines who is in charge at a crime scene? 

What authority does this officer have?

9. Controversy exists over which emergency takes precedence: an armed suspect at or near the scene or a 

severely injured person. Which do you think should 

take priority? Why?

10. What balance should be maintained between freedom of the media to obtain information during a 

crime investigation and the right to privacy of the 

individuals involved?

11. Do you agree that note taking is a skill? Is this skill 

something all police officers must possess to do 

their jobs properly?

12. Compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks 

of retaining and filing field notes.

13. Have you ever found yourself in a position where 

you realized that you did not take sufficient notes? 


14. Have you ever found yourself in a position where 

you realized that you did not take sufficient notes? 


15. In what types of crimes are photographs likely to be 

important to the investigation?

16. What basic sketching materials would you want in 

an investigative kit?

17. Do you think notes should be retained or destroyed 

after a report has been written?

18. Is time a factor in the quality of reports?

19. What gives you the most difficulty in writing 


20. Are you familiar with any report-writing software? 

If so, what is your opinion of the program(s)?

21. How do you feel about having to submit both positive and negative information to the prosecuting 







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