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1# Page New Venture Analysis Framework

Applying Tools and Terminology from the course

As you prepare your 1 page case analysis using the People, Opportunity, Deal, Context (PODC) framework, consider elements as if you were an Investor being introduced to the situation for the first time.

A new venture has attractive prospects when it demonstrates dynamic fit between its People, Opportunity, Context and Deals.

People refers to all those who provide resources to the venture: in particular: the Founders, other leadership team members, partners, and outside investors. Consider closely:

· Experience, skill and attitudes?

· Reputation?

· Are these People committed?

Opportunity encompasses Business Model. Consider closely:

· Market size and growth rate

· Is it a compelling purchase?

· Cost, Revenue and Profit drivers in the business model

· Investment requirement

Context includes all factors relevant to the venture’s development that are outside of the entrepreneur’s direct control, in particular: labor and capital market conditions, regulations, and macro-economic environment. Why does this opportunity still exist? Consider closely:

· Favorable

· Demographics

· Regulations

· Technology

· Capital

Deals , in Sahlman’s words, reflect “ the complete set of implicit and explicit contractual relationships between the venture and all resource providers”. Consider closely:

· What is the source of the deal?

· What value does it add?

· Fair?

· Aligned incentives?

· Exit options?

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