‘Visual sociology, documentary photography, and photojournalism: It’s
(almost) all a matter of context’,
This article examines the difference between photojournalism, photo documentaries and photography used for news media.  A central element of the article is Becker’s discussion of how the context of a photograph is essential in considering what meaning might be attributed to it by a viewer.  Remember that sociology studies group behavior, group opinions, etc., and how group behavior and thinking can be shaped by what people see, experience and feel in specific environments.

This posting is meant to deal specifically with the significance of the context of a photograph in serving as a tool of visual sociology.  For this posting, please answer the following 2 questions fully in paragraph form.  Each question should have 2-3 paragraphs of content including a clear statement of what the paragraph is arguing/suggesting/defining/defending. 

1.  Howard Becker provides a number of examples of photojournalism, photo documentaries and photography used for news media that are strongly influenced by the context of the photography to inform the interpretation of the viewer.  Interpretation can also mean “meaning making” on the part of the viewer as they look at a photograph and consider/create its meaning.  Choose one example from Becker that illustrates the influence of the specific context of a photograph and how this specific context shapes the “meaning making” of that particular photograph.  Fully describe in your own words the example from Becker making sure to properly cite the page number and source of the example.

2.  Find an example from your daily life or from the web where the context of a photograph has a significant influence on the “meaning making” of the viewer of the photograph.  Place the photo within your posting and answer the following questions:  What about the context of the photo drew your attention to it as an appropriate image for this question?  What does the context say, in your opinion, about the photo?  What might be a few different meanings a viewer could attribute to the photo with the specific context it has?

Again, remember to fully build out your answers, using excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Thoroughly proofread your work to make sure what you are expressing is clear to the reader. 

Article is attatched. Is not an essay , just answer questions

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