Analyze the legal and ethical impacts that managed care practices have had on quality and access to patient care.

Describe and evaluate the ethical issues involved in Medicare-funded organ transplants.
Assess the intent and impact of publicity-oriented legal challenges to physician-assisted suicide.
Identify the potential impact of genetic engineering on the future course of a selected chronic disease or group of diseases.
Evaluate the changes in clinical research protocols that have been promoted by AIDS activists, and identify the potential implications of these changes.
Develop a position paper on which to base a public policy imposing restrictive criteria upon publicly funded renal dialysis cases.
Analyze the effectiveness of society’s delegation of ethical standards and the supervision of professional conduct to the professions of medicine and nursing.
Assess the medical profession’s compliance in honoring patients’ living wills and durable powers of attorney.
Evaluate the relative merits of the traditional indemnity insurance system versus the managed care system with regard to quality of care and efficiency.
Assess the pros and cons of our acceptance of entrepreneurial and for-profit organizational structures for the provision of healthcare in the United States, with special attention to the characteristics of access and quality.
Describe the current healthcare cost milieu and evaluate the need to ration the availability of healthcare services.
Analyze the effectiveness of the Adverse and Sentinel Events reporting program developed by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations to provide a safe, effective, and efficient environment of care.
Analyze the recent legislation outlining minimum safe staffing standards for healthcare organizations; suggest follow-up strategies.
Develop a position paper on the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation for the establishment of a centralized system for tracking medical errors; suggest follow-up strategies.
Choose one particular form of complementary medicine and describe an ethical or legal issue regarding its use in treatment and what it brings to healthcare providers.
Analyze the legal and ethical impacts that managed care practices have had on quality and access to patient care.

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