2 page paper in APA.This personal “artifact” should tell about who you are in your time and place of history. The paper’s point of view needs to focus on the artifact not so much about your biography. This artifact needs to meet the definition of “created by human hands.” That artifact could be as small as a ring or a button or as large as the house or other shelter that you live in. The artifact could be art, music, a crafted item, a poem or story, etc. The choice is broad and should be an artifact that you do not mind sharing in this paper. Imagine that this artifact will be discovered in a thousand years by an explorer who uncovers the object. The artifact could be discovered buried under layers of earth or located in a chest at the bottom of the sea. Consider how artifacts have been discovered over time from what you have read or discovered in museums or history books. Most importantly, conclude your paper with an explanation of how this artifact helps identify you in your own culture.

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