Please give your reasons for deciding to do graduate work in the field you have chosen. Include a statement concerning your past work (study and research) in your chosen field, your plans for study at Brown, including issues and problems you want to address, and your professional goals.

The masters program I am applying to is PRIME Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Please look through the website and syllabus when writing the admissions essay and make it compelling. In terms of including a statement in regards to past work, please include that my primary concentration is on Entrepreneurship and that because I’ve been learning it in a very broad sense, I wish to further my knowledge in the context of entrepreneurship and management in engineering. With that said, please make a compelling essay that focuses on my interest in engineering. Please make up anyhow you want on the others. If you can, please relate it to Indonesia, since I am from there. Maybe something about how I want to create something that only PRIME can help me with. Try to do research on that.

Thank you

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