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The two tourist attractions that are next to my house is the Navy Pier and the Chicago Bears stadium. They have a great effect on the local economy because of the businesses that dirtying both places. With the Navy Pier it draws tourist their because of the scenery its located on Lake Michigan, the shopping in Navy Pier, the night attractions on the ships like the Spirt of Chicago and the many other festivities that you can do their.the Navy Pier bring in a lot of revenue because of this.
The Chicago Bears stadium is also a great asset for the local community because of the games and the number of football legions that have played and became hall of fame inductees. Thousands of tourist add locals attend the games every year.
I live close to downtown and because of those two attractions and many more the neighborhood is well protected and kept clean, also more money comes on the area for the many small businesses that are in the area as well. Its always something to do and the night clubs are really nice and respectable. The economy is in a good place because more people can afford to visit and enjoy themselves without the worry of not bring able to afford the entrainment.




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My husband was born and raised in Chicago so I have been there a couple of times.  I enjoy visiting and there are still several attractions that I want to visit the next time I come. I am surprised that you did not mention the Taste of Chicago. I have not had the opportunity to attend one but I do know that people travel from all around the country to visit for that weekend. I have been in Chicago during the Taste and it is ridiculous the number of tourists that are there. Another location that I would think would draw a big crowd now is Hyde Park. I personally made it my business to visit there after the 2008 election. I spent maybe about $700 that weekend (the restaurants are awesome and I lived in the gourmet popcorn  shop). I even toured the city comparing the best italian combos (an idea I got from the Ultimate Food Wars show on the travel channel). I have not been to a Bears, Sox, Cubs, or Bulls game yet but I have been to the Navy Pier and I really enjoyed it. You are lucky to live in a city with so many attractions and things to do.




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I didn’t mention the taste of Chicago because out has changed so much and this year not that many people attended like in the past. The Mayotte is charging for the concerts and they deleted some of the food that made the taste.
Hyde Park is cool to visit because that’s where the president its from, Chicago has so much to do and even of you don’t have money their is a lot of free thing to do s well.




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I live in Augusta, Georgia and there are very few tourist attractions here.  We are located on the Georgia/South Carolina border with Atlanta being 130 miles west and Columbia being 75 miles east. These two locations draw most of the tourism. We do have the Masters Golf Tournament in April. This year’s Masters has had a lingering affect on the economy.  Having had dignitaries here for the Masters, The leadership at Starbucks has decided to open its first GA manufacturing plant in Augusta which will add 140 jobs and $172 million  to the local economy.




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I visited Atlanta before,I go to the hair show that is held every and the attractions their are amazing, the downtown area draws alot of money and with the special events, like the hair show it generates more money for the salons and hotels. February is the only time that I have visited Atlanta and from the looks of it the city brings in a lot of money.




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    The first tourist attraction is right in my hometown Oshkosh, WI.  It is the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture.  The EAA AirVenture has planes such as Warbirds, Tomahawks, and the Invaders.  The planes fly over all today and into the evening and they fly in formation.  The EAA AirVenture is great for the local economy, hotels are packed, bars run specials and restaurants are open early just for EAA customers.  The EAA directors even hirer people to help run stands, clean up the grounds, and show people around. 




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In Augusta, the unfavorable effects of tourism are petty crimes such as fights and shoplifting, and traffic which is the worst. There is really only one way in and out of Augusta, highway I-20. Since the airports are in Atlanta and Charlotte, patrons of the Masters tournament have to drive in from these cities thus practically crippling travel into and out of Augusta. the traffic is so bad that even residential streets are open to Masters traffic. This is why the schools are closed during the Masters and most residents leave town.




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   I have to agree with the textbook that the favorable noneconomic effects is local pride.  I live in Oshkosh, WI and every year over the 4th of July we have what is called, Sawdust Days.  Sawdust Days has the normal things like rides, food stands, beer tents, and music.  But there is also culture, Buckskinnner Traders & History Camp.  Buckshinner camp started in 1840’s with muzzleloaders, bow and arrows, and tomahawks.  Now there is so much more hand made tents, cloths, purses, wallets, and rugs that are all made by the Indians.   

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