Assessment Brief:
Students are required to complete a series of four tasks to be compiled into a Portfolio. The
work completed will then serve as a record of your acquired understanding of Human
Your Assessment should:
1. be submitted electronically via the Portal assessment items and submissions tab as a
single portfolio,
2. be correctly referenced using APA 6th format as per the Academic writing guide.
The portfolio is to be submitted in week 12 as a single portfolio. The completed document
can be presented in a business report format.
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Task 1: Application of Human Resource Management concepts
The role of human resources can be defined in many different ways. Your task is to
respond to the instructions below based on a business of your choice, preferably the
company you currently work for or a company you have previously worked for. If you
do not have previous work experience, select a company that has information readily
available on its website or where you may have access to interview an employee.
Provide the following information:
? A brief description of the company – what they do and the size of the
company in terms of employees
? A brief description of the type of employees with reference to Atkinson’s
flexible firm model.
? Describe the structure, roles and responsibilities of the HR
Department. Are these centralized? If not, explain where the
responsibilities for HR functions are situated in the company.
Include an organization chart which shows where the HR team fits within the organization
? What sort of approach to HR can you observe about the company?
? Consider the strategic human resource management model proposed by
Nankervis et al (2014) – are there any responsibilities that are not
undertaken by the HR team in your chosen company? For example, are
some of the HR functions such as recruitment outsourced?
? At each of the different levels (strategic, operational and functional) describe
the HR functions that are performed.
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Task 2: Retention and development
Choose an industry you recently worked in (or are planning to work).
Option 1
Research the most common reasons that people stay in their jobs, i.e, What are the ‘retention
levels’? Be sure to use accurate, reliable sources.
Option 2
If your chosen industry is hospitality or an industry that suffers from high staff turnover,
discuss the issues that relate to poor retention.
Your response should demonstrate depth of research and high level of understanding of the
issues relating to retention.
Write a one page response (500 words) on either option 1 or 2 – be sure to incorporate
theory/key learning concepts into your response.
Task 3: Performance management
Develop a performance management plan for a chosen position within an organisation.
Include the following:
? a copy of the job description and a brief overview of the company
? a detailed description of the most suitable type of performance review method
? a justification as to ‘why’ the chosen review method is the most suitable
? a table demonstrating you have identified some of the pros and cons of your chosen
performance review method relevant to the specific position you have chosen. A
copy and paste from another source is not acceptable.



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