3-4 Pages Assignment About Job Satisfaction & Employee Engagement

3-4 Pages Assignment About Job Satisfaction & Employee Engagement

I have assignment to write 3-4 pages about case study discussing  job satisfaction & employee engagement.

This case is about a case scenario of a company in which its performance has declined because of job satisfaction and employee engagement is poor based on the survey in the case study.

my part in this assignment is to write a brief literature review about the subject and to answer enquiry number 3 in page 5 of the case study (providing suggestions and recommendation to overcome this issue).

Please note:

  1. Don’t copy because the report will be submitted via turnitin to identify similarity.
  2. The suggestions and recommendations should address the result of the survey in the case study (but not limited to)
  3. Use illustration (graphs, figures some statistics) to make it more interesting
  4. Follow the attached assignment instructions



Assignment instruction:


1. Make a brief literature review relevant to your topic.

2. Make 2-3 pages answering enquiry number 3 in page 6 of the attached case study

3. The citation of each reference must be in the body of the text such as John (2019) or John et al (2019) or (John, 2019) or (John et al, 2019) etc.

4. Reference must be current 2010 and above.

5. Make your file word and not PDF.

6. The space between lines in the text must be 1.5.

7. Letter style must be Times New Roman with 14 font size.

8. margins must be 2.5 cm left and right



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