19th century political intellectual movements 1

In this SAS Curriculum Pathways project you will conduct extensive research to prepare a persuasive essay evaluating the impact of 19th-century intellectual or political movements. 
To begin, follow 
this link 
to Project 389. If prompted, enter “melody9off” in the Student User Name then click “log in” to begin. (quick launch #389).
Open and save the handout “Nineteenth-Century Essay Assignment Sheet.” You may want to copy the contents into your own word processing program. Follow the directions as explained in the handout. Your prewriting chart will be included in the document with your persuasive essay.
Using the resources provided in the activity, review the expectations for a persuasive essay and research the 19th-century political and intellectual movements identified.
Your essay should be approximately 3 to 5 pages long, formatted according to MLA guidelines, and including a Works Cited page at the end (not included in the page count).
Within the essay you should have a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and should include support from your research in the body paragraphs. All information used from research must be documented using appropriate MLA parenthetical reference to the sources listed on the Works Cited page.
Failure to document sources or include a Works Cited page will result in the student having to re-do the assignment.

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